Cuando sufro no me aburro, cuando sufro vivo intensamente y mi vida es interesante, llena de emociones y peripecias. En verdad, sólo vivo cuando sufro, es mi manera de vivir. Pero algo en mí no quiere sufrir. Alejandra Pizarnik.

7 jun. 2010


Buenos Aires. My town. My streets. I'm back in all that. Back in the streets that once saw me walking hand to hand with this man. This man that I can't shake off of my thoughts. All my town smells like him. All my town is infected by him, his friends, his way of doing everything: give me a kiss, a hug, buy me a drink. All this places where we used to be, lying in the grass with the sun in our eyes. My town hurts. But it's mine. And I'm back to win her again. To wash his traces of her. This is my town, my streets, my grass, my sun. And this man, he is just a shadow. I said it before, and I say it again: He is just like a doll. And this song that says "The valley of the dolls is the valley of the death". My town is not the valley of the death. I'm not a doll. I can extract him and all his stuff. Kick him out. I can let him go. I'm back, and I have no plans of leaving again. This is my throne.

Location: Home
Mood: Determined

Music: Puente, Gustavo Cerati

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