Cuando sufro no me aburro, cuando sufro vivo intensamente y mi vida es interesante, llena de emociones y peripecias. En verdad, sólo vivo cuando sufro, es mi manera de vivir. Pero algo en mí no quiere sufrir. Alejandra Pizarnik.

7 jun. 2010


I'm just sitting with the sadness. This room is so private. No one will come here.
I'm under water.

No sound, no voices.

Nothing at all.

Just me, and my closed eyes. No tears, no memories of no one
(you. no memories of you)
Just me and this silence.
Not even a thought. Nothing.

Words floating all around, but I can't catch them.
I don't want to catch them.
They will talk about this new time in my life.

This new time without you.
I don't want to remember it.

Location: Home
Mood: Sad
Music: The blues are still blue, Belle & Sebastian

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